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How to make thick cold coffee at home? 

I have yet not met a person who actually does not like the concept of cold coffee, worldwide people love cold coffee, chilled, different flavor and chocolate sauce. for thickness, we need to use the whole cream milk and a blender is a  must for smoothness. 

Ingredients needed 

  • coffee powder 
  • whole cream milk 
  • sugar powder 
  • ice cubes 
  • chocolate sauce 



Take a small bowl and coffee powder and about 2 tablespoons warm water, mix it properly and once done with mixing place it aside. Pick the best ninja blender and put sugar, the mixture we just made, milk and 5 to 6 ice cubes, make sure that the mixture turns out to be frothy and smooth. 

Take a glass, if the glass is tall it would be nice, tilt your glass and on the sides pour some chocolate sauce and do not forget to rotate the glass while doing this and at the bottom pour some chocolate sauce and after this pour your thick cold coffee. 

Can we only make coffee with coffee grounds, actually no there are a lot of deserts which we can make with coffee grounds and one of them is tiramisu mousse, we make it especially with mascarpone cheese, it is like normal cheese cream only but has a lot more smooth texture and the fun part in using this cheese is that it is Italian, I would recommend fresh whipped cream and if you are worried about the calories you can use the whipped topping and the flavor depends on how you wish it to be, strong? add more coffee and if light then less coffee. I won’t recommend cake layer instead chocolate is what I would recommend and do not sprinkle the top layer with your unsweetened cocoa powder 


  •  instant coffee  
  •  hot water 
  •  heavy whipping cream 
  •  powdered sugar 
  • marscarpone cheese 
  •  vanilla extract 
  •  unsweetened cocoa powder 
  • semi-sweet baking chocolate


Take a small bowl and put 1/4 lukewarm water in it and add instant coffee, mix well. keep it aside for 5 minutes so that it can cool down. while it cools down you need to beat the whipping cream it must form stiff peaks once done, chill it.  

In a bowl add mascarpone cheese and sugar powder, blend it using a hand blender, once you feel that the texture is smooth add vanilla extract and about 1 tablespoon of coffee, mix it well. 

It’s time to actually fold cream into the mixture of coffee, take a Ziploc bag and place tiramisu in it atthe bottom of the glass pipe, a very small amount and you need to put cocoa powder on the top layer, repeat this step. 

once you reach the top you will need to grate baking chocolate so that the first bite is sweet.  

that’s all about the thick cold coffee and tiramisu mousse do tell us how it was and if you are interested in some more coffee deserts, we have a plenty of recipes. so next time you have some friends coming over try this 20-minute coffee desert. 

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