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How to make creamy coffee without cream 

Coffee is altogether a pleasure which people are addicted to and for some coffee is just a beverage and for some coffee is their best friend who helps them wake up in the morning. 

Caffeine is caffeine in whatever form you take it some consume it as espresso some as normal coffee, some as cafe latte and some in their own unique way. This man world is full of different styles of coffee and different people with different taste buds, some need black coffee, some milk coffee, some need extra sugar and some no sugar at all. 

As I already mentioned some love black coffee and some do not so this article is for the people who do not like black coffee at all, m going to share the recipe of the creamy coffee without cream. for this recipe, you would require some basic ingredients and some of your time. you are going to get a creamy taste without cream and who knows if you ever wish to go back to the same old way? 

Things you would require 

  1. Ninja Coffee Bar CF091
  2. Sugar or brown sugar
  3. wholemilk or skim milk 
  4. whisk 
  5. Pan
  6. Water


  • Take a pan and add milk in it, boil it once boiled reduce the level of heat, this is for sure keep milk hot and even make it thick. 
  • Take a teaspoon of coffee I would recommend espresso and put it in a coffee cup. 
  • Now it’s time to add sugar to the cup, 2 teaspoons or you can even add it according to your needs.  
  • Coming to water add 8 drops of water, now the number of drops you add is very important as you do not need to make a solution of it you need to make cream of it. 
  • This step is all about blending, pick up a spoon and start mixing all the ingredients that you have in the cup, to make a smooth paste use a whisk, a handheld whisk. The color of the paste must turn from dark brown to light. 
  • Now your cream is ready, time to make the coffee. take another cup and add 1/2 teaspoon of coffee in a cup.  prefer using espresso coffee. 
  • Take a spoon and put some cream in the cup and add warm milk in it and use a spoon to stir it so that it gives a smooth texture once that smooth texture comes add more milk in. that’s all. 

Now you can make a restaurant like cold coffee at home and you do not even have to pay a lot of money for the coffee you love and you can even give it your personal touch, now it is your turn to use this recipe and do not forget to tell us how your coffee turned out to be like  and if you need some other recipes just write down below in the comment section so that we can come up with new delicious recipes 

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