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How to find best electric shaver for men 


Every man is different and so are their needs and even their habits. if some people have a very nice experience with particular style and brand then they do not easily go for some other brand or type. for instance, if you are using a wet rotary shaver of Philips you cannot simply change to Braun everything needs time, change needs to worth and your skin needs time to adapt. 

Brand loyalty 

coming to brands, when you start using some brand your skin gets habitual of it and even you, you find comfort in it. Today Remington, Braun, Philips, and Panasonic are one of the leading brands in the UK market of electric shavers. these brands have a high number of brand loyalty and there is a reason behind it. they offer comfort and what the buyer wants. 


 Rotary or Foil 

Like any other shaver electric shavers to have two types 

  1. a) Rotary
  2. b) Foil

both of these modern day shavers work in the same mechanism.  


It is nothing more than a thin metal foil which is curved and has a set of blades. if you use your shavers in the long back, straight and forth motion then foil is your type. men who have sensitive skin prefer foil more than men who do not have sensitive skin. panasonic and Braun are the best manufacturers when it comes to foil electric shavers. foil shavers are comparatively less harsh so they are the best for people with sensitive skin. 


this type of electric shaver is all about the 3 round heads that it has and the rotating cutters, rotating cutters are great as they work according to your face shape. and it even comes with guards so that your skin does not get any cuts from the shave. 

if you have a tough or regular skin this type of electric shaver is yours. Remington and Philips are the rulers of the rotary world. 


Just the way people and their needs are different so are their budget the model that you are planning to buy or already have, have a lot to do with each other.  you need to see how much amount you are ready to invest and is the product worth the investment. always check the customer reviews and rating before buying anything. keep one thing in mind not each and every shaver is for you it depends on your skin, budget and need. 


Source of power 

Is the shaver rechargeable? uses batteries or needs a switch? before buying you need to consider these points as which power source is a very important question to ask before buying. if you love traveling then rechargeable ones are for you and some come with both the wire and the battery like a cherry on the top. Rechargeable are better as they are low on cost and high on effectiveness. 

this is all with the guide to buy your dream electric shaver, keep all these points in your mind and you will not regret your decision. 

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