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Over the years I have been fortunate enough to meet many wonderful, encouraging and influential people. Many who live in my community. For almost 6 years, I owned an adorable and unique coffeehouse in Northport, NY. This is where the Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie was developed and I will be forever grateful to the customers and friends who suggested I turn a cookie with a cult following into a business.

The breakfast cookie line provided the main focus for my business. It helped me to more clearly understand what doing business in the food industry is all about. It’s a tough world out there!

What initially started out as a single product line has developed into 3 distinct product lines and the creation of a new brand, Lisa Harris Pantry. As a child, the pantry was always a mysterious place. I recall visiting my Aunt Vera and opening her pantry to find delicious treats, my favorite cookies and the occasional “snake in a can” trick. It will always be a special memory for me and it is why I am so excited to bring you exciting products through our Pantry page.

I believe in helping others to achieve their goals, no matter how difficult or impossible that may seem. If anyone had told me I would be running a company with multiple product lines, curating and promoting other small food companies products and looking ahead to continue to grow, I never would have believed it possible.  I am passionate, proud and humbled by the growth and pilgrimage of our company.

The future of Lisa Harris Pantry is beyond measurement. I believe we will be able to share our experiences and knowledge with many other like minded people and the growth that
comes from that is unbelievable.

Lisa Harris
Passionate Founder