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Month: October 2018

Pellet Smoker Grilling Times for your Meat

Imagine the perfect day, with your favourite people around while you cook them their favourite meat and all looking up to you for fine cooking and flavours, liking the feeling? Aren’t you? but oh crap! Just as you serve them the food, you come to that the meat is overdone, or even worse, it remained undercooked. Your mood will be spoiled, right? No matter how good you are with your flavours, if the meat itself doesn’t come out just right, the situation can indeed be very embarrassing for you in such happy times.

this is my best pellet smoker
this is my best pellet smoker

How to escape this embarrassment? As you know barbeque food can be a treat for our family, friends and even our own eyes as well as taste buds but the real challenge is the cooking part. The “slow and low” BBQ becomes real tricky we you don’t know how “low” the flames should be and how “slow” you should be while cooking it. Well, we are here with the solution to this problem. Knowing the right temperature and the right time your meat need to cook is a must to know while having a BBQ lunch or dinner.

Here are some most common meats used for BBQ with their right temperature and time. With the information below and your delicious flavours, there is no chance of your BBQ party not being a success. To be a cook is to know everything about your flavours as well as your meat. So let’s begin!

• Steak: 8-10 minutes per side at 400-425°F
• Hamburger: 8-10 minutes per side at 350°F
• Hotdog: 8-10 minutes at 400-450°F (turn them in every 3 minutes)

• Beef:
-> brisket: 4 hours after being smoked for 4 hours (total 8 hours) at 250°F
-> back ribs: 3-4 hours at 200°F
-> tenderloin: 2-3 hours at 130°F
-> chuck roast: 12-20 hours at 200°F
-> spare ribs: 5-6 hours at 200°F

-> belly bacon: 6 hours at 140°F
-> whole: 16-18 hours at 205°F
-> tenderloin: 2-3 hours at 160°F
-> pork butt: 1-2 hours at 205°F

• Lamb:
-> leg: 4-8 hours at 145°F
-> shank: 4-5 hours at 190°F
-> shoulder: 5-6 hours at 170°F
-> rack: 1-1.5 hours at 135°F

• Chicken:
-> whole: 2-3 hours at 170°F
-> thighs: 1-1.5 hours at 170°F
-> wings: 1-1.5 hours at 170°F
-> quarters: 1-2 hours at 170°F

• Turkey:
-> whole: 4-5 hours at 170°F
-> legs: 2-3 hours at 170°F
-> wings: 2-2.5 hours at 170°F
-> breast: 4 hours at 165°F

• Quail takes 1 hour at 165°F
• Duck(whole) takes 4 hours at 165°F
• Salmon: 8-10 minutes on each side at 145°F
• Shrimp: 20-30 minutes at 225°F
• Scallops: 45-60 minutes at 140°F
• Oysters: 30-40 minutes at 225°F
• Lobster(tail): 45 minutes at 140°F
• Trout(whole): 1 hour at 145°F

With the information above, you are sure to put everyone under the magic of flavourful cooking for the magic lies in the right technique. All the best with BBQ times. Happy cooking!