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Nutella Hot Chocolate


It’s COLD in New York this week! I spent a few hours upstairs in my office and my fingers won’t move anymore! I don’t really need an excuse for a hot drink but it always makes me feel better when I have one. 7 degree weather does just the trick.  We love Nutella at our house. There are more than 2 containers in the pantry at all times (just in case). It ends up on waffles, becomes a dip for pretzels, just about anything. It seemed only natural to make some into hot chocolate.


3 Tablespoons Nutella
12 oz Milk or dairy replacement (I bet almond milk would be a great sub)
2 Tablespoons Sweet Ground Chocolate
1 tiny pinch of sea salt
2 Tablespoons Sugar (or equivalent)
Whipped Cream (canned or fresh)

How to:

In a small sauce pan over medium low heat, heat the milk until steamy. Whisk in the cocoa powder, salt and sugar. Heat until the cocoa powder is blended. Add the Nutella and keep whisking until smooth. It takes a little longer than you might expect. Keep lowering the heat if you find the milk getting too hot or bubbly. You don’t want to burn this and then have to start all over again.

Pour into your favorite mug and top with fresh (or canned) whipped cream. Snuggle up on the couch or in front of the fireplace and enjoy!

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