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Month: October 2013

Copper chef pan vs  Gotham steel pan 

Copper chef pan is the nonstick six in one pan with a new generation ceramic coating, it is not 100 percent copper and is super easy to clean 

Gotham steel pan is nonstick as well, it not only comes with ceramic but with titanium as well which makes cleaning it a lot easier. 

 Copper chef pan (Copper Chef Pan Reviews 2018 – My Honest Review!!) is a great product it makes your kitchen look a lot more clean, classy and of course as it replaces quite a few cookware it makes your kitchen look more spacious. it is said to be a little expensive but what would you prefer if you have two options? 

option number one – copper chef pan which literally works as six different cookware. 

option number two – 6 different cookware for 6 different needs.  

It works amazingly with ovens and inductions and is highly durable although you will need to keep it in a less crowded area. coming to heat distribution it is one of the best pans available in the market as it is not 100 percent copper and comes with a new generation ceramic layer.  

baking? steaming? roasting? one pan it does it all from cooking rice to baking. copper chef pan comes with amazing features and one of it’s the best feature is that it is nonstick and the ceramic coating that it comes with is super healthy and with Copper chef pans you will never experience hot spots, and the coatings do not even peel. 

Coming to its handle, the handle of copper chef pan is hollow which helps in cooling it down fast. 


this pan has 2 amazing features one is that it is nonstick and the other is that it does magic to flambe recipes, no need of oil, butter or any other type of grease 

if you are planning to buy this steel pan then congratulations now food won’t stick to your pan which ultimately means no more scratches. Review of the Gothan steel pan manufactures state that they have used titanium and ceramic which simply makes their pan strong, durable and highly nonstick. the manufactures also claim that as it is super nonstick there is no need of greasy substances. no butter or oil means healthy food and who does not want to go on a healthy diet? Gotham steel pan claims that not even fire can cause harm to the pan. it is said that cleaning it is hassle-free as there are no stubborn food particles sticking to the surface and ju0t like Copper chef review it is also PTFE, PFOS, and PFOA free. 


you can go for any of these but what I would suggest is to go for the one which is an investment and the one which offers more features, I would have gone for copper chef pan as it not only offers more features but is highly durable and even healthy, how? it is chemical free apart from this if you keep it in a less crowded place you won’t ever see any scratches