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Month: March 2013

Straight Razor vs. Electric Trimmer 

In last few years, the graph of the industry of shaving has seen a rise in the Traditional method of shaving. these days it is more common to see men shaving with cutthroats rather than electric trimmers. shave done with a straight razor which is the traditional method is seen more masculine and it is even based on your skills. there are two types of men in the shaving world one who loves grooming and the other one is the one who is always in a hurry. so the question arising here is that which one is better? electric or traditional? straight razor or trimmer? 

 Straight razors demand skills, time and patience as shaving with it is an art. shaving with a straight razor requires a moisturized surface as it gives you the cleanest and smoothest look and guess what you do not have to shave again and again. the look that it gives, the clean look it stays there on your face for a long period. all you need for a smooth and clean look is a skill which will only come with practice. for moisturizing your skin you can use a shave soap it helps in protecting your skin when you are shaving with a straight razor. 


Cutthroats are all about skills and learning any skill requires time and for shaving with a straight razor you need a bowl, shave cream or soap, a brush and of course the straight razor. 

and working with a cutthroat is about giving it time which means getting up early in the morning so that you do not get late for work. In the beginning, it takes a lot of time as you are somewhat not familiar with your face structure but with practice the time required reduces. there is one more disadvantage when it comes to straight razors some men have sensitive skin which leads to irritated skin and bumps. 

Electric Razors 

with trimmers, you do not need to get up early in the morning as trimmers are all about speed whereas straight razors are about time, trimmers compared to straight razors are fast and there is no need or shaving soap, gel, cream or oil but yes batteries are a must or else they do not work as they are electric. it is said that electric razors reduce ingrown hair and bumps henceforth no cuts or nicks. 


sorry to say but the shave trimmers give are nowhere close to the shave straight razors give the only reason it does not cause irritation is that it does not give a that close shave. yes, trimmers are all about speed but no you can not use them while bathing, why? because of most of them as not waterproof. and people with extra sensitive skin experience irritated skin with trimmers as well. 


coming to the decision it is not about the razor or the trimmer it is about you, about your lifestyle. Now you need to look at yourself closely. This debate has no winner as both of them have their own set of pros and cons now the ball is in your court.