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Month: February 2013

Copper chef pan 

The name says it all, this pan is made up of copper, not 100  percent though, which means it is highly durable and it easily replaces other 6 cookware, you can bake, steam, fry in it, it is a beautiful square pan with numerous qualities. 

Here are some recipes that you can make in your copper chef pan without any hassle 

Cherry pie 

Ingredients needed 

  • 5 cans of cherry pie filling 
  • 4 pie shells  
  • half and half 

First of all, you need to preheat your oven ( 375) 

you need to drape your pie shells on the sides and on the bottom of your square pan, but do not forget to leave one pie shell because you need to make a lattice top. take the cherry filling and just our into the pan. for making a lattice top you need to cut strips out of the leftover pie crust. In the end, you need to brush your pie’s top with half and half. 

coming to the cooking part place your copper chef pan in your oven for about 50 to 60 minutes, once your pie turns golden just remove it and let it cool down. 


Ingredients needed 

  •  salmon ( with skin  ) 
  •   Pepper   
  •    salt 
  •    asparagus   
  •    yellow squash 
  •    sweet chili sauce   
  •   White wine 


you need to preheat your copper chef pan for about four to five minutes after it skin side down place your salmon in your copper chef pan for five to six minutes. 

all around the sides of your pan put some asparagus and yellow squash, after 30 seconds add wine and sweet chili. 

cook it for about 10 minutes with the lid of your copper chef pan on a medium level of heat. 

 Smores Cake 

 Ingredients required  

  •  cake mix  ( chocolate ) 
  •  graham crackers  
  •  marshmallows   
  •  chocolate chips   


first of all, go and preheat your oven at about 350 degree 

take a bowl and put cake mix in it and then mix it properly 

pick your copper chef pan and place it in front of you, at the bottom of your pan place half graham cracker ( 09/ Nine ) and after it, you need to sprinkle your tasty chocolate chips. 

now you need to pour your cake mix on these graham crackers and chocolate chips. now place it in your oven for about 15 minutes meanwhile, take a Ziploc bag put the remaining graham crackers in it and crush them, once done with the crushing part sprinkle it all over your cake 

now its time to put it back into your oven for about 5 minutes or until you see the marshmallows melting. 

after 5minutes take it out, place it somewhere where it can cool down and after this, you can serve it.


Chicken Quesadilla 

Ingredients Required  

  • Shredded Monterey Cheese   
  •  Cubed Chicken   
  •  Peppers   
  •  Diced Tomatoes   
  •  Cilantro   ( Chopped ) 
  •   Tortillas  
  •   olive oil   


you need to brush your tortillas’ one side simply with olive oil, olive oil is considered as healthy. meanwhile, you can place your copper chef pan on your stove at medium level heat, put some olive oil in the chef pan and spread all the ingredients that you have on your tortilla, evenly. on the top put some olive oil. 

cook till both of the sides turns golden. That’s all