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Lisa Harris Pantry Posts

Copper chef pan vs  Gotham steel pan 

Copper chef pan is the nonstick six in one pan with a new generation ceramic coating, it is not 100 percent copper and is super easy to clean 

Gotham steel pan is nonstick as well, it not only comes with ceramic but with titanium as well which makes cleaning it a lot easier. 

 Copper chef pan (Copper Chef Pan Reviews 2018 – My Honest Review!!) is a great product it makes your kitchen look a lot more clean, classy and of course as it replaces quite a few cookware it makes your kitchen look more spacious. it is said to be a little expensive but what would you prefer if you have two options? 

option number one – copper chef pan which literally works as six different cookware. 

option number two – 6 different cookware for 6 different needs.  

It works amazingly with ovens and inductions and is highly durable although you will need to keep it in a less crowded area. coming to heat distribution it is one of the best pans available in the market as it is not 100 percent copper and comes with a new generation ceramic layer.  

baking? steaming? roasting? one pan it does it all from cooking rice to baking. copper chef pan comes with amazing features and one of it’s the best feature is that it is nonstick and the ceramic coating that it comes with is super healthy and with Copper chef pans you will never experience hot spots, and the coatings do not even peel. 

Coming to its handle, the handle of copper chef pan is hollow which helps in cooling it down fast. 


this pan has 2 amazing features one is that it is nonstick and the other is that it does magic to flambe recipes, no need of oil, butter or any other type of grease 

if you are planning to buy this steel pan then congratulations now food won’t stick to your pan which ultimately means no more scratches. Review of the Gothan steel pan manufactures state that they have used titanium and ceramic which simply makes their pan strong, durable and highly nonstick. the manufactures also claim that as it is super nonstick there is no need of greasy substances. no butter or oil means healthy food and who does not want to go on a healthy diet? Gotham steel pan claims that not even fire can cause harm to the pan. it is said that cleaning it is hassle-free as there are no stubborn food particles sticking to the surface and ju0t like Copper chef review it is also PTFE, PFOS, and PFOA free. 


you can go for any of these but what I would suggest is to go for the one which is an investment and the one which offers more features, I would have gone for copper chef pan as it not only offers more features but is highly durable and even healthy, how? it is chemical free apart from this if you keep it in a less crowded place you won’t ever see any scratches 

How to set your bunn brewer 

Bunn Brewers are known for their pace in the world of brewing, these machines by bunn are basically designed like huge tanks and when I say tank I mean the way they look, their durability. these tanks can give you delicious coffee within mere 3 minutes, how? they can produce coffee within 3 minutes as they come with a hot water reservoir, this design as eventually made homebrewing a lot easier. if you have early morning visitors you do not need to worry as you can make a lot of coffee without any hassle. each and every model of bunn is different and so are their ways to set up henceforth you need to know how so that you can set up your brewer the way it is supposed. 


Step – 1 

You need to lift the lid up which is on the top of your brewer and place the funnel into the compartment which is under the warmer switch, make sure you use bunn’s funnels only they surely make a difference. once done with the funnel part, fill your pot with water and pour this water in your brewer through the area which is under the lid. now just place your pot on your warmer and wait until the time the water flows from the screen to the reservoir if your reservoir is not full add more water. That’s all. 

Step – 2 

Don’t forget to plug in your brewer now, there would be a switch on the lower left side of your brewer. your brewer would need at least 15 minutes to reach the ideal temperature for brewing. 

Step 3 

Now you can finally brew your coffee by inserting a bunn filter into your funnel you need 2 ounces of coffee grounds and for measuring purpose you can use a tablespoon. you need to shake your brewer’s funnel so that your coffee ground gets evenly spread and after it simply slide you funnel underneath the on/of the switch and then press the on button. 

Step- 4 

lift the lid up and add a full pot of water and before closing it place your pot back on the warmer as soon as you will close your brewer’s lid the water will go into your brewer’s tank and you coffee would start brewing. 

Step- 5 

Once you are done with brewing you need to remove the funnel and throw the grounds, once you are done serving your coffee turn you’re warmer off. 

if you are planning to buy a new Bunn Brewer make sure to consider your needs first as each and every brewer is not for you some are for commercial use some for home use, it is not that if you buy the commercial brewer you cant use it at your home but it would just be a waste of money and I do not think you wish to waste your hard earned money, if you are a traveler you must go for the brewer which is portable because if you buy a brewer which stays at home it is simply wasting money 

How to make thick cold coffee at home? 

I have yet not met a person who actually does not like the concept of cold coffee, worldwide people love cold coffee, chilled, different flavor and chocolate sauce. for thickness, we need to use the whole cream milk and a blender is a  must for smoothness. 

Ingredients needed 

  • coffee powder 
  • whole cream milk 
  • sugar powder 
  • ice cubes 
  • chocolate sauce 



Take a small bowl and coffee powder and about 2 tablespoons warm water, mix it properly and once done with mixing place it aside. Pick your blender and put sugar, the mixture we just made, milk and 5 to 6 ice cubes, make sure that the mixture turns out to be frothy and smooth. 

Take a glass, if the glass is tall it would be nice, tilt your glass and on the sides pour some chocolate sauce and do not forget to rotate the glass while doing this and at the bottom pour some chocolate sauce and after this pour your thick cold coffee. 

Can we only make coffee with coffee grounds, actually no there are a lot of deserts which we can make with coffee grounds and one of them is tiramisu mousse, we make it especially with mascarpone cheese, it is like normal cheese cream only but has a lot more smooth texture and the fun part in using this cheese is that it is Italian, I would recommend fresh whipped cream and if you are worried about the calories you can use the whipped topping and the flavor depends on how you wish it to be, strong? add more coffee and if light then less coffee. I won’t recommend cake layer instead chocolate is what I would recommend and do not sprinkle the top layer with your unsweetened cocoa powder 


  •  instant coffee  
  •  hot water 
  •  heavy whipping cream 
  •  powdered sugar 
  • marscarpone cheese 
  •  vanilla extract 
  •  unsweetened cocoa powder 
  • semi-sweet baking chocolate 


Take a small bowl and put 1/4 lukewarm water in it and add instant coffee, mix well. keep it aside for 5 minutes so that it can cool down. while it cools down you need to beat the whipping cream it must form stiff peaks once done, chill it.  

In a bowl add mascarpone cheese and sugar powder, blend it using a hand blender, once you feel that the texture is smooth add vanilla extract and about 1 tablespoon of coffee, mix it well. 

It’s time to actually fold cream into the mixture of coffee, take a Ziploc bag and place tiramisu in it atthe bottom of the glass pipe, a very small amount and you need to put cocoa powder on the top layer, repeat this step. 

once you reach the top you will need to grate baking chocolate so that the first bite is sweet.  

that’s all about the thick cold coffee and tiramisu mousse do tell us how it was and if you are interested in some more coffee deserts, we have a plenty of recipes. so next time you have some friends coming over try this 20-minute coffee desert. 

How to make creamy coffee without cream 

Coffee is altogether a pleasure which people are addicted to and for some coffee is just a beverage and for some coffee is their best friend who helps them wake up in the morning. 

Caffeine is caffeine in whatever form you take it some consume it as espresso some as normal coffee, some as cafe latte and some in their own unique way. This man world is full of different styles of coffee and different people with different taste buds, some need black coffee, some milk coffee, some need extra sugar and some no sugar at all. 

As I already mentioned some love black coffee and some do not so this article is for the people who do not like black coffee at all, m going to share the recipe of the creamy coffee without cream. for this recipe, you would require some basic ingredients and some of your time. you are going to get a creamy taste without cream and who knows if you ever wish to go back to the same old way? 

Things you would require 

  1. Ninja Coffee Bar CF091
  2. Sugar or brown sugar
  3. wholemilk or skim milk 
  4. whisk 
  5. Pan
  6. Water


  • Take a pan and add milk in it, boil it once boiled reduce the level of heat, this is for sure keep milk hot and even make it thick. 
  • Take a teaspoon of coffee I would recommend espresso and put it in a coffee cup. 
  • Now it’s time to add sugar to the cup, 2 teaspoons or you can even add it according to your needs.  
  • Coming to water add 8 drops of water, now the number of drops you add is very important as you do not need to make a solution of it you need to make cream of it. 
  • This step is all about blending, pick up a spoon and start mixing all the ingredients that you have in the cup, to make a smooth paste use a whisk, a handheld whisk. The color of the paste must turn from dark brown to light. 
  • Now your cream is ready, time to make the coffee. take another cup and add 1/2 teaspoon of coffee in a cup.  prefer using espresso coffee. 
  • Take a spoon and put some cream in the cup and add warm milk in it and use a spoon to stir it so that it gives a smooth texture once that smooth texture comes add more milk in. that’s all. 

Now you can make a restaurant like cold coffee at home and you do not even have to pay a lot of money for the coffee you love and you can even give it your personal touch, now it is your turn to use this recipe and do not forget to tell us how your coffee turned out to be like  and if you need some other recipes just write down below in the comment section so that we can come up with new delicious recipes 

How to find best electric shaver for men 


Every man is different and so are their needs and even their habits. if some people have a very nice experience with particular style and brand then they do not easily go for some other brand or type. for instance, if you are using a wet rotary shaver of Philips you cannot simply change to Braun everything needs time, change needs to worth and your skin needs time to adapt. 

Brand loyalty 

coming to brands, when you start using some brand your skin gets habitual of it and even you, you find comfort in it. Today Remington, Braun, Philips, and Panasonic are one of the leading brands in the UK market of electric shavers. these brands have a high number of brand loyalty and there is a reason behind it. they offer comfort and what the buyer wants. 


 Rotary or Foil 

Like any other shaver electric shavers to have two types 

  1. a) Rotary
  2. b) Foil

both of these modern day shavers work in the same mechanism.  


It is nothing more than a thin metal foil which is curved and has a set of blades. if you use your shavers in the long back, straight and forth motion then foil is your type. men who have sensitive skin prefer foil more than men who do not have sensitive skin. panasonic and Braun are the best manufacturers when it comes to foil electric shavers. foil shavers are comparatively less harsh so they are the best for people with sensitive skin. 


this type of electric shaver is all about the 3 round heads that it has and the rotating cutters, rotating cutters are great as they work according to your face shape. and it even comes with guards so that your skin does not get any cuts from the shave. 

if you have a tough or regular skin this type of electric shaver is yours. Remington and Philips are the rulers of the rotary world. 


Just the way people and their needs are different so are their budget the model that you are planning to buy or already have, have a lot to do with each other.  you need to see how much amount you are ready to invest and is the product worth the investment. always check the customer reviews and rating before buying anything. keep one thing in mind not each and every shaver is for you it depends on your skin, budget and need. 


Source of power 

Is the shaver rechargeable? uses batteries or needs a switch? before buying you need to consider these points as which power source is a very important question to ask before buying. if you love traveling then rechargeable ones are for you and some come with both the wire and the battery like a cherry on the top. Rechargeable are better as they are low on cost and high on effectiveness. 

this is all with the guide to buy your dream electric shaver, keep all these points in your mind and you will not regret your decision. 

Straight Razor vs. Electric Trimmer 

In last few years, the graph of the industry of shaving has seen a rise in the Traditional method of shaving. these days it is more common to see men shaving with cutthroats rather than electric trimmers. shave done with a straight razor which is the traditional method is seen more masculine and it is even based on your skills. there are two types of men in the shaving world one who loves grooming and the other one is the one who is always in a hurry. so the question arising here is that which one is better? electric or traditional? straight razor or trimmer? 

 Straight razors demand skills, time and patience as shaving with it is an art. shaving with a straight razor requires a moisturized surface as it gives you the cleanest and smoothest look and guess what you do not have to shave again and again. the look that it gives, the clean look it stays there on your face for a long period. all you need for a smooth and clean look is a skill which will only come with practice. for moisturizing your skin you can use a shave soap it helps in protecting your skin when you are shaving with a straight razor. 


Cutthroats are all about skills and learning any skill requires time and for shaving with a straight razor you need a bowl, shave cream or soap, a brush and of course the straight razor. 

and working with a cutthroat is about giving it time which means getting up early in the morning so that you do not get late for work. In the beginning, it takes a lot of time as you are somewhat not familiar with your face structure but with practice the time required reduces. there is one more disadvantage when it comes to straight razors some men have sensitive skin which leads to irritated skin and bumps. 

Electric Razors 

with trimmers, you do not need to get up early in the morning as trimmers are all about speed whereas straight razors are about time, trimmers compared to straight razors are fast and there is no need or shaving soap, gel, cream or oil but yes batteries are a must or else they do not work as they are electric. it is said that electric razors reduce ingrown hair and bumps henceforth no cuts or nicks. 


sorry to say but the shave trimmers give are nowhere close to the shave straight razors give the only reason it does not cause irritation is that it does not give a that close shave. yes, trimmers are all about speed but no you can not use them while bathing, why? because of most of them as not waterproof. and people with extra sensitive skin experience irritated skin with trimmers as well. 


coming to the decision it is not about the razor or the trimmer it is about you, about your lifestyle. Now you need to look at yourself closely. This debate has no winner as both of them have their own set of pros and cons now the ball is in your court. 

Copper chef pan 

The name says it all, this pan is made up of copper, not 100  percent though, which means it is highly durable and it easily replaces other 6 cookware, you can bake, steam, fry in it, it is a beautiful square pan with numerous qualities. 

Here are some recipes that you can make in your copper chef pan without any hassle 

Cherry pie 

Ingredients needed 

  • 5 cans of cherry pie filling 
  • 4 pie shells  
  • half and half 

First of all, you need to preheat your oven ( 375) 

you need to drape your pie shells on the sides and on the bottom of your square pan, but do not forget to leave one pie shell because you need to make a lattice top. take the cherry filling and just our into the pan. for making a lattice top you need to cut strips out of the leftover pie crust. In the end, you need to brush your pie’s top with half and half. 

coming to the cooking part place your copper chef pan in your oven for about 50 to 60 minutes, once your pie turns golden just remove it and let it cool down. 


Ingredients needed 

  •  salmon ( with skin  ) 
  •   Pepper   
  •    salt 
  •    asparagus   
  •    yellow squash 
  •    sweet chili sauce   
  •   White wine 


you need to preheat your copper chef pan for about four to five minutes after it skin side down place your salmon in your copper chef pan for five to six minutes. 

all around the sides of your pan put some asparagus and yellow squash, after 30 seconds add wine and sweet chili. 

cook it for about 10 minutes with the lid of your copper chef pan on a medium level of heat. 

 Smores Cake 

 Ingredients required  

  •  cake mix  ( chocolate ) 
  •  graham crackers  
  •  marshmallows   
  •  chocolate chips   


first of all, go and preheat your oven at about 350 degree 

take a bowl and put cake mix in it and then mix it properly 

pick your copper chef pan and place it in front of you, at the bottom of your pan place half graham cracker ( 09/ Nine ) and after it, you need to sprinkle your tasty chocolate chips. 

now you need to pour your cake mix on these graham crackers and chocolate chips. now place it in your oven for about 15 minutes meanwhile, take a Ziploc bag put the remaining graham crackers in it and crush them, once done with the crushing part sprinkle it all over your cake 

now its time to put it back into your oven for about 5 minutes or until you see the marshmallows melting. 

after 5minutes take it out, place it somewhere where it can cool down and after this, you can serve it.


Chicken Quesadilla 

Ingredients Required  

  • Shredded Monterey Cheese   
  •  Cubed Chicken   
  •  Peppers   
  •  Diced Tomatoes   
  •  Cilantro   ( Chopped ) 
  •   Tortillas  
  •   olive oil   


you need to brush your tortillas’ one side simply with olive oil, olive oil is considered as healthy. meanwhile, you can place your copper chef pan on your stove at medium level heat, put some olive oil in the chef pan and spread all the ingredients that you have on your tortilla, evenly. on the top put some olive oil. 

cook till both of the sides turns golden. That’s all